HOUDON, Jean-Antoine

Versailles, Yvelines 1741 - Paris 1828

Marquis de Lafayette (1757-1834)

Marquis de Lafayette (1757-1834)




Dimensions (HxWxD): 26 14 x 23 12 x 11 78 in.

on truncated lower surface of right arm: houdon fec / houdon an (?) 1790

Acc. No.: 1891.001

Credit Line: Gift of Benjamin A. Kimball

Photo credit: ph. courtesy New Hampshire Historical Society

© Artist:


  • Acquired in France by Benjamin A. Kimball: "A cast of the 1790 bust of Lafayette which stands over the entrance to the Assembly Hall at Versailles and has somewhat "questionable" double Houdon signature. Acquired in France by donor who mistakenly believed the Versailles original to be that given to the City of Paris by the State of Virginia. One other plaster cast known." (from Museum's website)
  • 1891, Gift of Benjamin A. Kimball (1833-1920, banker, manufacturer, railroad official, art collector, and prominent member of the New Hampshire Historical Society)


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