Sainte Marguerite et le dragon

Saint Margaret and the Dragon

c. 1520

polychromed limestone


Dimensions (HxWxD): 39 x 14 x 8 12 in.

Acc. No.: 2014.3.12

Credit Line: Gift of the Irene Leache Memorial Foundation

Photo credit: Chrysler Museum of Art, Norfolk

© Artist:


  • 2014, March, Gift of the Irene Leache Memorial Foundation to the Chrysler Museum of Art


  • Museum's website, 16 November 2017


  • 1995 Katonah
    Medieval Monsters: Dragons and Fantastic Creatures, Katonah, NY, Katonah Museum of Art, January 15-April 16, 1995, cat. no. 45, p. 35

    1996-1997 Norfolk
    Treasures for the Community: The Chrysler Collects, 1989-1996, Norfolk, Chrysler Museum of Art, October 25,1996 - February 16, 1997


  • Museum's website, Object Label, 16 November 2017:
    Pregnant women pray to Saint Margaret because of the miracles that embellish her life. According to medieval lore, Margaret’s conversion to Christianity enraged the devil, who transformed into a fire-breathing dragon and swallowed her whole. The cross she had with her miraculously grew larger and larger until it split the devil in two, allowing Margaret to escape. Ever devout, she then prayed that her deliverance might comfort those suffering the pains of childbirth.
    Here, Margaret clutches her cross as she tramples the dragon. Her calm demeanor and prayerful pose reflect her unshakeable faith, reassuring those women who turn to her for strength.