FALCONET, Etienne-Maurice

Paris 1716 - Paris 1791

Amour menaçant

The Menacing Cupid

early 20th century edition from a c. 1757 marble

bronze or cast iron ?


Photo credit: ph. Katherine Dumore, Linden Place

© Artist : public domain


  • Acquired by industrialist and politician Samuel Pomeroy Colt (1852-1921), founder of United States Rubber Company, later becoming Uniroyal (he is the nephew of Samuel Colt, 1814-1862, inventor of the revolver which bears his name)
  • Installed at the entrance to his model farm, Colt Farm, in Bristol, RI, open to the public since its inception (on the entrance pillars is carved the inscription: Colt Farm, Private Property, Public Welcome); the park was ornated with many European sculptures of which certain are now at his Bristol residence, Linden Place
  • date?, transported to Linden Place, Bristol

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