BARYE, Antoine-Louis

Paris 1795 - Paris 1875

Maker: Barbedienne

Lion assis, et Lion de la Colonne de la Bastille

Lion, and Lion of the Bastille Column

1884 cast from 1847 model

bronze, granite base


Dimensions (HxWxD): app. 75 x 38 x 73 in.

proper right lower front: BARYE / 1847
proper left, lower rear: F. BARBEDIENNE - FONDEUR
base, plaque on front: BARYE / 1796-1874

Credit Line: Given to the City of Baltimore by William Thompson Walters

Photo credit: ph. Wikimedia/Daderot

© Artist : public domain


  • 1884, May, wealthy businessman and collector William Thompson Walters (1820-1894) asks George A. Lucas (in Paris) to purchase from founder Barbedienne a large cast of the Seated Lion. Orders soon followed for bronze reductions of the four allegorical groups War, Peace, Order and Force. Over the next several months, Lucas was kept busy monitoring the patination of these bronzes, commissioning a relief of the Lion of the Bastille Column to insert at the base of Seated Lion, and finally, arranging for the designs of the pedestals for all the sculptures.
  • 1884, September 13, Lucas paid 25 000 francs for the Lion and the four groups.
  • 1885, January 28, the "Barye inauguration", unveiling of the five casts, all presented to the city by William Walters. All five were installed in the West Garden of Mount Vernon Place.
  • 1918, due to landscaping improvements, the five bronzes were relocated to the area around the Washington Monument.


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Related works

  • The lion is a copy of one that Barye created for the Garden of the Tuileries in Paris in 1847.