ANDRIEU, Jean-Bertrand

Bordeaux, Gironde 1761 - Paris 1822

GALLE, André

Saint-Etienne, Loire 1761 - Paris 1844

Obverse by Bertrand ANDRIEU, reverse by André GALLE.

Napoléon I (1769-1821), Empereur de France

Napoleon I (1769-1821), Emperor of France

designed 1807, early strike

silvered bronze

medal and plaquette

Dimensions (HxWxD): D. 1 916 in.

laureate bust right; legend: •NAPOLEON EMP.ET ROI. (Napoleon, emperor and king); in exergue: ANDRIEU F•DENON•DIR•
In a field littered with bodies, a soldier, nude except his helmet and drapery over his shoulders, placing his sword with his right hand into his scabbard held in his left; a sapling is shown right; legend: BATAILLE DE FRIEDLAND XIV JUIN MDCCCVII (Battle of Friedland 14 June 1807) in exergue; GALLE F•

Acc. No.: 1974.165

Credit Line: Gift of Vernon and Sandra Hall

Photo credit: ph. courtesy Chazen Museum of Art, Madison

© Artist:


  • 1974, Gift of Vernon and Sandra Hall


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  • 1978 Hall
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