CAIN, Auguste

Paris 1821 - Paris 1894

Maker: Barbedienne

Lionne apportant un sanglier à ses trois lionceaux

Lioness Carrying to Her Young a Wild Boar




Dimensions (HxWxD): app. 80 x 122 12 x 40 in.

front of sculpture below foot: A. CAIN

Photo credit: ph. Wikimedia/Smallbones, 2012

© Artist:


  • Kreilick Conservation:
  • 1886, The bronze sculpture, set on a granite pedestal, was originally exhibited in 1886 at the Paris Salon, the official art exhibition of the Académie des Beaux-Arts.
  • 1888, The Fairmount Park Art Association acquired the sculpture in 1888 and placed it at several locations
  • 1950, It found a home at the Philadelphia Zoo. According to newspapers of the period, the Lioness was difficult to place because its ?realistic pose... terrified many horses, that in other respects were fearless.?


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  • Information given by Florence Rionnet, author of a Ph.D. dissertation on the founder Barbedienne (soon to be published), August 24, 2015:
    Plaster exhibted at the Paris Salon of 1886, no. 3590; Paris, Musée des Arts décoratifs.
    Bronze in La Boissière-Ecole, Yvelines, Château (constructed for Commandant Hériot, 1833-1899), signed on base: A. CAIN 1886 and F. BARBEDIENNE. FONDEUR. PARIS.
    Reductions cast with lost wax process by the founder Susse, H. 24 and17 3/4 in