MARTINY, Philippe or Philip

Strasbourg, Bas-Rhin 1858 - New York City, New York, United States 1927

Porte en bronze à deux vantaux, portail Vanderbilt sud

Pair of bronze doors, South Vanderbilt Portal




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  • Wikipedia, and Percy Preston,Jjr., archivist for the parish, October 11, 2013:
  • 1902-1903, the church at its original location (Madison Avenue and 44th Street) was embellished with a triple French Romanesque portal by Stanford White who took as his inspiration the church of Saint-Gilles, Gard, between Arles and Nîmes, which White had admired in 1878; the sculptures in the tympana are Renaissance-inspired. The portal was paid for by the family of Cornelius Vanderbilt II as a memorial; Vanderbilt's son, William H. Vanderbilt, had sold the site to the church. The magnificent bronze doors, with bas-reliefs in panels depicting episodes from the Old and New Testaments, were carried out by some of New York's established sculptors: Andrew O'Connor, working freely under the general direction of Daniel Chester French, executed the main door; the south door was executed by Herbert Adams, the north door by Philip Martiny
  • 1918, the main portal designed by Stanford White was moved from the previous church to the new church in the current location (Park Avenue and 50th Street), and the South and North portals were swapped


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  • Percy Preston, Jr., archivist for the parish, October 11, 2013:
    Philip Martiny was responsible for the south pair of bronze doors, and the lintel and tympanum above. Martiny is also responsible for the four limestone statues of Old Testament figures, Isaiah, Elijah, Jeremiah and Moses that occupy niches in the portal.
    As far as the date of the portal is concerned, the stone work was installed in the summer of 1902 and the doors were hung a year later. However, the four Old Testament figures date from 1908.