BONHEUR, Isidore-Jules

Bordeaux, Gironde 1827 - Paris 1901

Maker: Peyrol, H.

Taureau chargeant

Charging Bull

c. 1865



Dimensions (HxWxD): 13 1516 x 23 38 x 7 34 in.

incised signature at right side of plinth in front of raised foot: I Bonheur

Acc. No.: formerly/autrefois 1977.218

Credit Line: Deaccessioned by the Art Institute of Chicago

Photo credit: The Art Institute of Chicago

© Artist:


  • before 1977, Chicago, U.S.Y.T. Industries
  • 1977, Gift of Frederick Henry Prince Trust to the Art Institute of Chicago
  • Deaccessioned and sold by the Art Institute of Chicago
  • 2014, 29 October, New York, Sotheby's, sale 09205 19th Century Furniture and Decorative Art, lot 202


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  • 1972 Chicago
    Small Bronzes in Chicago Collections, Art Institute of Chicago, 22 July – 17 September 1972 [no cat.]

Related works

  • Reduction of Charging Bull, sculpted for Sultan Abdul-Aziz in Contantinople.
    Stanislas Lami, Dictionnaire des sculpteurs de l'école française du dix-neuvième siècle, Paris, 1914, t. 1, p. 128:
    (Translation:) Two Bulls, plaster models exhibited at the Salon of 1865, nos. 2877 and 2878. These plasters were made to be cast in bronze to ornate the garden of the Palace of Belerbey that the Sultan Abdul-Aziz [1830-1876] was then building in Constantinople [Istanbul]. It is the sculptor Pierre-Louis Rouillard [1820-1881] who was in charge of directing the decoration of this residence.
    Other copies of the Bull (not charging), in cast iron:
    - Paris, 15e, entrance to the former slaughterhouse of Vaugirard, now parc Georges-Brassens, two almost identical copies placed on high pedestals, commissioned in 1897
    - Slaughterhouse of Cureghem, Anderlecht, Belgium
    - Parc de Mariemont, Morlanwelz, Belgium
    - Guatemala City
    - Santiago-du-Chili
    - Piriapolis, Uruguay
    - Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain...
    See website
    Bronze edition of the reduction par sculptor and founder Hippolyte PEYROL (1832-1921), brother-in-law of Isidore Bonheur.