Normandy c. 1510? - probably in Bologna, Italy, between 1565 and 1568

Maker: Atelier de moulage des musées nationaux

Nymphe et petit Génie monté sur un cheval marin

River Nymph

19th c. cast from a 1549 relief



Acc. No.: MSA SC 4680-70-0016

Credit Line: Collection of the Maryland State Archives

Photo credit: Collection of the Maryland Commission on Artistic Property of the Maryland State Archives

© Artist : public domain


  • 1878-1879, Bought in Paris by the Peabody Institute, Baltimore, for its "Gallery of Art", with funds given in 1876 by John W. Garrett (1820-1884), railroad owner and philanthropist
  • formerly in the Peabody Institute Art Collection, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore
  • 1996, Peabody Art Collection acquired by the State of Maryland and adminstrated by the Maryland Commission on Artistic Property, Maryland State Archives


  • Peabody Art Collection website, June 13, 2013
  • 1879 Report
    Twelth Annual Report of the Provost to the Trustees of the Peabody Institute of the City of Baltimore, June 1, 1879, p. 26
  • 1996 Rionnet
    Florence Rionnet, L'Atelier de moulage du musée du Louvre (1794-1928), Paris, Réunion des musées nationaux, Notes et documents des musées de France n° 28, 1996, Catalogue des oeuvres moulées par l'atelier du Louvre des origines à 1928 et leur apparition dans les documents de vente successifs jusqu'en 1991, p. 230-231 n° 885 : Anciennement attribués à Jean Goujon

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