BARYE, Antoine-Louis

Paris 1795 - Paris 1875





Dimensions (HxWxD): 19 x 36 in.

Acc. No.: MSA SC 4680-20-0051

Credit Line: Collection of the Maryland State Archives

Photo credit: Collection of the Maryland Commission on Artistic Property of the Maryland State Archives

© Artist:


  • 1895, Given by Henry Walters (1848-1931) to the Gallery of Art of the Peabody Institute, Baltimore
  • formerly in the Peabody Institute Art Collection, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore
  • 1996, Peabody Art Collection acquired by the State of Maryland and adminstrated by the Maryland Commission on Artistic Property, Maryland State Archives


  • Peabody Art Collection website, June 13, 2013
  • 1896 Report
    Twenty-ninth Annual Report of the Provost to the Trustees of the Peabody Institute of the City of Baltimore, June 1, p. 15-16: "Mr. Henry Walters has also generously presented to the Institute the plaster cast of Barye's Greyhound, which was secured in France and reached this city in June [1895] after the meeting of the Board of Trustees."