Saint-Jean-de-Braye, Loiret 1891 - Neuville-Saint-Vaast, Pas-de-Calais 1915

Les lutteurs

The Wrestlers




Dimensions (HxWxD): 28 14 x 36 14 x 2 in.

artist's monogram on lower front center

Acc. No.: 65.1683.1

Credit Line: Otis Norcross Fund

Photo credit: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

© Artist:


  • 1915, by inheritance at the artist's death to his companion, Sophie Brzeska (1873-1925), Gloucestershire, England,
  • 1927, sold from the estate of Sophie Brzeska to Harold Stanley (Jim) Ede (1895-1990), Kettle's Yard, Cambridge, England
  • 1927-1965, Jim Ede
  • 1965, December 8, sold by Ede to the MFA
  • Gaudier-Brzeska used his oil painting Portrait of a Whitechapel Jew (MFA accession no. 65.1683.2) as the support for this plaster relief. The painting and relief were separated by the MFA shortly after the object was acquired.


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Related works

  • Portrait of a Whitechapel Jew, Oil on canvas by Gaudier-Brzeska, Boston, Museum of Fine Arts (the artist used this oil painting as a support for his plaster relief The Wrestlers; the painting and relief were separated by the MFA shortly after the object was acquired).
    The Wrestlers, plaster, numbered 8/9, London, Tate Gallery.
    Two Figures Entrined, pencil, c. 1913, Boston, Museum of Fine Arts.
    Two Wrestlers, Black ink, c. 1913, Paris, Centre Georges Pompidou.
    The Wrestlers, linocut on paper, 1913-1914, Boston, Museum of Fine Arts, numbered 39/50.
    Lead, 1912, Washington, D.C., Hirshhorn Museum.


  • Museum's website, July 6, 2011:
    Despite early and intense admiration for Rodin, after moving to London Gaudier-Brzeska developed an equally wild enthusiasm for the "primitive." A friend commented that he "was always talking 'savage' and 'barbaric' and gloated over the free and exotic life of the south seas." These sinuous, seemingly weightless wrestlers combine Gaudier's enthusiasm for non-Western art with the excitement he felt at wrestling matches: "I went to see the wrestlers. -God! I have seldom seen anything so lovely. … They fought with ...amazing vivacity and spirit, turning in the air, falling back on their heads, and in a flash were up again on the other side, utterly incomprehensible."