BARYE, Antoine-Louis

Paris 1795 - Paris 1875

Eléphant écrasant un tigre

Elephant Crushing a Tiger

1837 (?)



Dimensions (HxWxD): 11 x 12 58 x 7 34 in.

in front proper right of base below elephant's proper left front foot: BARYE

Acc. No.: 92.2639

Credit Line: Gift of Mrs. S. D. Warren

Photo credit: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

© Artist:


  • 1892, May 3, gift of Mrs. Samuel Dennis Warren (Susan Cornelia Clarke Warren) (1825-1901), Boston, to the MFA


  • Museum's website, 22 February 2012 and 20 March 2012


  • Museum's website, July 19, 2011:
    An Indian mahout (professional elephant handler) rides atop an Asian elephant. The rider is clothed in flowing drapery and holds a short stick in his proper right arm which is raised above his proper left shoulder. He sits upon a saddle with incised (?) floral decoration. The elephant, whose head hangs down, has pinned down the tiger using his proper left tusk and his trunk. The tiger's body is crushed beneath the proper front left foot of the elephant. The tiger lies on his proper left side with his jaw open and tongue out. His proper left front paw, open in pain, extends over the base of the sculpture. The sculpture was cast in two pieces and screwed into the base.