BARYE, Antoine-Louis

Paris 1795 - Paris 1875

Maker: Barbedienne

Lion assis

Seated Lion

designed by 1847, cast after 1875 and before 1918



Dimensions (HxWxD): 10 716 x 6 316 x 12 18 in.

on inset gold plate in raised letters: FB
on underside: ?43 (first character letter illegible)

Acc. No.: 1990.620

Credit Line: Bequest of Francene S. Burnett

Photo credit: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

© Artist:


  • 1990, December 12, bequest of Francene S. Burnett to the MFA


  • Museum's website, 22 February 2012 and 20 March 2012
  • 1981 Pivar
    Stuart Pivar, The Barye Bronzes, Woodbridge, Antique Collectors' Club, 1981, p. 126-129 (fig A41-45; A50)
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  • Museum's file, Department Art of Europe, 1990:
    In contrast to Barye's usual style, naturalistic detail is notably absent from the surface of this bronze; instead, the unset plaster of the original model, or molten wax applied to the surface of the model, appears to have been hastily rendered with a palette knife. Perhaps in reaction to the resultant effects of this modeling, which would have appeared strange to the mid-nineteenth century aesthetic sensibility, Barye never produced a bronze cast of the figure. Only after 1876, when the contents of the late Barye's studio were sold and the model, along with reproduction rights, were purchased by Barbedienne, was the Seated Lion Sketch made available in bronze.