PIGALLE, Jean-Baptiste

Paris 1714 - Paris 1785

Mercure attachant sa sandale

Mercury Fastening his Sandal

18th century, after a model of ca. 1741

cast terracotta, painted dark brown


Dimensions (HxWxD): H. 22 in.

Acc. No.: 14.40.681

Credit Line: Bequest of Benjamin Altman, 1913

Photo credit:, August 17, 2011

© Artist : public domain


  • 1767, Paris, Julienne sale, bought by Remy for Pigalle
  • 1785, Inherited by Pigalle's son
  • Presented by Pigalle's son to a Registrar of the Tribunal of the Revolution
  • Inherited by M. Dupre (or Dupré)
  • 1901-1910, Paris, Comte de Bryas
  • 1910, Wildenstein and Co., Inc.
  • 1910, Acquired by Benjamin Altman
  • 1913, Bequest of Benjamin Altman


  • 1991 Draper
    James David Draper, "French Terracottas", Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, vol. XLIX, no. 3, 1991/1992 (Winter), p. 10-12, ill.

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  • This figure is probably a cast after the original model which was executed in Rome 1736-1739.
    Plaster version exhibited in the Salon of 1742.
    Marble executed in 1744 as "morceau de réception" (Paris, Louvre).
    Large marble executed in 1750, given by Louis XV to Frederick II of Prussia (Berlin).