Bordeaux, Gironde 1822 - Thomery, Seine-et-Marne 1899

Maker: Peyrol, H.

Boeuf couché

Reclining Ox

original model made in 1846

bronze, dark brown patina, on wooden base


Dimensions (HxWxD): 5 34 x 11 38 (without base)

signed on base: Rosa.B
mark, on side of base, stamped: PEYROL [H. Peyrol, Founder, Paris]

Acc. No.: 39.65.62 a, b

Credit Line: Bequest of Jacob Ruppert, 1939

Photo credit:, May 13, 2011

© Artist:


  • 1939, Bequest of Jacob Ruppert


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Related works

  • Rosa Bonheur made figures such as this primarily to serve as models for sketches which would be useful in her paintings. Several paintings have been related to this piece: Boeufs et taureau (Race du Cantal) shown in the 1848 Salon, or Troupeau de boeufs près d'un gué (1847) or Boeufs bretons (Cattle or Brittany Cattle).