FALCONET, Etienne-Maurice

Paris 1716 - Paris 1791

Vénus instruisant l'Amour

The Teaching of Love

after 1763

soft-paste porcelain


Dimensions (HxWxD): 12 12 x 9 38 x 10 in.

Acc. No.: 55.108

Credit Line: Bertha Buswell Bequest, 55.108

Photo credit: ph. courtesy Rochester Memorial Art Gallery

© Artist:


  • Buswell-Hochstetter Collection
  • 1955, Bertha Buswell Bequest


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  • 1955 Rochester
    The Buswell-Hochstetter Collections, Rochester, Memorial Art Gallery, November 11 - November 28, 1955


  • Museum's website, 15 January 2016:
    Falconet, a leading sculptor of the reign of Louis XV, was a director of the royal ceramic works at Sèvres. His main production was the biscuit statuette, which substitutes "soft paste" for the kaolin clay of "true" porcelain. Falconet took advantage of the milky, marble-like surface to create engaging figural groups of pure form and refined rococo detail.
    "The Teaching of Love" may be derived from a composition by François Boucher. Falconet has transformed the painter's design into a complex three-dimensional ensemble of delicate beauty that invites the viewer to enjoy it from multiple angles.
    [Gallery label text, 2008]