CARPEAUX, Jean-Baptiste

Valenciennes, Nord 1827 - Courbevoie, Hauts-de-Seine 1875

Amélie de Montfort, esquisse de femme debout

Amélie de Montfort, sketch of standing female




Dimensions (HxWxD): overall: 5 18 x 3 14 x 3 12; with socle: H. 7 1116 in.

wax seal on back of lower gown: PROPRIETE CARPEAUX
paper sticker on lower front of the gown: 358

Acc. No.: 1989.289.2

Credit Line: Purchase, Friends of European Sculpture and Decorative Arts Gifts, 1989

Photo credit:, May 13, 2011

© Artist : public domain


  • Until 1894, Atelier Carpeaux
  • 1894, Paris, Carpeaux's Atelier sale, lot 358 (paper sticker with the number 358 adhered to the lower front of gown identifies this piece as the study of Mademoiselle de M. sold as lot 358 in 1894 sale of Carpeaux's atelier)
  • 1987, Paris, Galerie Romane
  • 1989, London, Patricia Wengraf
  • 1989, Friends of European Sculpture and Decorative Arts Gifts


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    1894 Paris
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    2014 New York
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  • Museum's website, August 29, 2012:
    Carpeaux perpetuates the memory of his first glimpse of his fiancée, arranged by Empress Eugénie, no less. He has suggested costume elements, such as the bustle, and established lights and darks authoritatively in the few seconds it took him to squeeze and pinch the clay into shape.