LIPCHITZ, Ossip/Jacques

Druskieniki, Lithuania 1891 - Capri, Italy 1973

Femme assise (Figure cubiste)

Seated Woman (Cubist Figure)




Dimensions (HxWxD): 42 12 x 11 14 x 12 14 in.

[no inscription listed]

Acc. No.: 1977.A.02

Credit Line: Raymond and Patsy Nasher Collection, Dallas, Texas

Photo credit: David Heald / Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas


  • Artist
  • 1968, New York, Marlborough-Gerson Gallery
  • Los Angeles, Norton Simon, Inc.
  • 1973, May, 2, New York, Sold at Sotheby's
  • Switzerland, Medarco
  • New York, M. Knoedler & Company, Inc.
  • 1977, Dallas, Texas, Raymond and Patsy Nasher Collection


  • 2003 Nash, Giménez and Brenson
    Steven A. Nash, Carmen Giménez, Michael Brenson, A Century of Sculpture: The Nasher Collection, Dallas, The Nasher Foundation, 2003 (first published in 1997, expanded and republished in 2003 by The Nasher Foundation on the occasion of the inauguration in October 2003 of the Nasher Sculpture Center), p. 142-142, repr., 365


  • Museum's website:

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  • Museum's website:
    In the winter of 1916, then living in Paris, Lipchitz signed a contract with the dealer Léonce Rosenberg, which enabled him to employ a stone cutter to help with his carvings (Jacques Lipchitz, My Life in Sculpture, New York 1972, p. 42). He later recalled, however, that he began the cutting of this particular sculpture himself (Stott, 1978, p. 237).
    His normal practice was first to make a plaster and then, based on that model, proceed to the carving of a stone, although in this case, no original plaster has come to light.
    A plaster that appears to have been made from the stone is now in The Tate Gallery, London. It includes a base and replicates the stone's rough texture. The date of its casting is problematic, and it may postdate the stone version by a considerable period of time. The surface of the plaster is marked with a network of pencil crosses seemingly in preparation for the carving of another copy, but none is known (information on the plaster from A.D. Fraser Jenkins, The Tate Gallery, London).
    At some time prior to 1970, the sculpture was cast in an edition of bronzes numbered up to 7/7. The bronzes also include a base.