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crédits photo : Philadelphia Museum of Art
© artiste : public domain

atelier de
PRIEUR, Barthélémy
Berzieux, Marne 1536 - Paris 1611

Femme assise se coiffant
Seated Woman Combing Her Hair


13,7 x 7,8 x 7,9

N° d'inv. : 1930-1-28
Credit Line : Purchased with Museum Funds from the Edmond Foulc Collection, 1930

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Museum of Art


  • 1930, acheté grâce aux fonds du musée provenant de la Edmond Foulc Collection


  • Museum's website, December 2014


Museum's website, 23 December 2014:
Barthélémy Prieur enjoyed great success as a sculptor, receiving many large-scale royal commissions. In addition, documents reveal that his workshop produced small bronzes in the early seventeenth century. Many statuettes similar to this one seen here were made during this period, differing in small details, degree of finish, and quality. It is possible that the Prieur workshop cast bronzes over a considerable period during the seventeenth century, and made later a version of this piece.