French Sculpture Census

crédits photo : The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore
© artiste : public domain

d'après un modèle de
PIGALLE, Jean-Baptiste
Paris 1714 - Paris 1785

Exécutant: Sèvres, Manufacture nationale de


vers 1770
biscuit de Sèvres

H. 24

N° d'inv. : 48.978
Credit Line : Acquired by Henry Walters, 1911

Baltimore, Maryland, The Walters Art Museum


  • New York, E. F. Bonaventure
  • 1911, Baltimore, Henry Walters, par achat
  • 1931, Walters Art Museum, par legs


  • Museum's website, May 22, 2013


Museum's website, May 22, 2013:
With the emergence of neoclassicism, Sèvres began to manufacture unglazed porcelain replicas of statuary. Known as biscuit (twice cooked), the ceramic was fired in preparation of the paste and again in the shaping of the pieces. These pieces were based on the works by J.-B Pigalle. The Mercury is modeled after the life-size statue Pigalle made for Frederic II's palace, Sans Souci.