French Sculpture Census

crédits photo : The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore
© artiste : public domain

FREMIET, Emmanuel
Paris 1824 - Paris 1910

Ours et gladiateur (Dénicheur d'oursons)
Bear and Gladiator (Trapper of Bear Cubs)

vers 1885-1890
terre cuite

H. 28,5
signé devant : E. FREMIET

N° d'inv. : 27.515
Credit Line : Gift of Hermann Terrell, 1947

Baltimore, Maryland, The Walters Art Museum


  • Hermann Terrell [date et mode d'acquisition inconnus]
  • 1947, Walters Art Museum, par don


  • Museum's website, 29 October 2011


  • 1987 New York / Philadelphia
    The National Sculpture Society Celebrates the Figure. The National Sculpture Society, New York; Port of History Museum, Philadelphia. 1987


Museum's information, April 2013:
A "retiarius," a Roman gladiator who fought with a trident and net, is being crushed in the paws of a bear and has already lost consciousness.