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crédits photo : Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
© artiste : public domain

LEROUX, Etienne
Ecouché, Orne 1836 - Paris 1906

Ariane abandonnée
Ariane Abandonnée

terre cuite

27.31 x 18,1 x 9,53
sur le côté gauche de la base : 1865 / Etienne Leroux

N° d'inv. : 60.237
Credit Line : Edwin E. Jack Fund

Boston, Massachusetts, Museum of Fine Arts


  • avant 1960, Paris, Madame Bela Hein (Mme R. Hein)
  • 1960, 14 avril, vendu par Madame Hein au MFA pour 1,600 Francs, Edwin E. Jack Fund


  • Museum's website, 28 February 2012 and 20 March 2012


  • 1980-1981 Los Angeles/Minneapolis/Detroit/Indianapolis
    The Romantics to Rodin. French Nineteenth-Century Sculpture from North American Collections, Organized and edited by Peter Fusco & Horst W. Janson, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, March 4-May 25, 1980; The Minneapolis Institute of Arts, June 25-September 21, 1980; The Detroit Institute of Arts, October 27, 1980-January 4, 1981; Indianapolis Museum of Art, February 22-April 29, 1981, no. 160, p. 296, repr.


Museum's file, Department Art of Europe, 1960:
This bozzetto for the Ariane Abandonee exhibited at the Salon of 1865 (no. 3052) is an excellent example of this once famous contemporary of Carpeaux. Inspired by Tanagra figures it is especially attractive in the graceful movement of the figure and spontaneous modeling of the drapery.
Study for the work Somnolence.