French Sculpture Census

crédits photo : The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore
© artiste : public domain

BONHEUR, Isidore-Jules
Bordeaux, Gironde 1827 - Paris 1901

Oie buvant dans un seau
Goose Drinking from a Bucket

XIXe siècle

H. 6,7

N° d'inv. : 54.1936
Credit Line : Acquired by Henry Walters

Baltimore, Maryland, The Walters Art Museum


  • Baltimore, Henry Walters [date et mode d'acquisition inconnus]
  • 1931, Walters Art Museum, par legs


  • Museum's website, 13 October 2011


Museum's website, May 20, 2013:
Isidore Bonheur was the son of the painter Raymond Bonheur (1796-1849) and a younger brother of Rosa Bonheur (1822-99), the most famous woman artist in 19th-century France. He produced a few sculptures of historical subjects but is best known for his statuettes of animals, particularly those found on farms.