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BARTHOLDI, Frédéric-Auguste
Colmar, Haut-Rhin 1834 - Paris 1904

Exécutant: Durenne

Fontaine de l'Eau et de la Lumière
Fountain of Water and Light

fonte de fer pour la fontaine et marbre pour le bassin

désignation : autre
fontaine : H. env. 914 (9,14 m) ; bassin : diam. env. 1066 (10,66 m)
plaque de dédicace devant la fontaine : The Bartholdi Fountain / This fountain was created by Frederic / Auguste Bartholdi / for the International / Centennial Exhibition in / Philadelphia in 1876, where it was placed at a focal point on / the grounds. It was illuminated with gas lights, / later replaced with electric globes. Painted to / look like bronze, the fountain was designed / in three identical sections with classical forms / and symbols. The aquatic monsters, shells, / fish, sea nymphs and youthful tritons all refer / to the ocean. The fountain was intended to / represent the elements water and light. / In 1877 the fountain was purchased / from Bartholdi by the United States / government and placed on the Botanic / Garden grounds, then located at the center of / the mall. The fountain, moved to its present / location in 1932, was restored in 1986.

Washington, D.C., District of Columbia, Outdoor sculpture


  • 1876, exposée à l'Exposition internationale centenniale de Philadelphie
  • 1877, achetée par le Congrès américain pour 6000 $
  • 1878, le Congrès commande la bassin en marbre pour 3000 $
  • 1878-1926, érigée à Washington, au pied de Capitol Hill
  • 1926-1932, retirée et mise en réserve pour permettre l'achèvement du George Meade Memorial et des améliorations paysagères autour du Grant Memorial
  • 1932, remise en place à son emplacement actuel, près du Jardin botanique


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  • 1876 Philadelphia
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