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crédits photo : scan from Brooklyn Museum Quarterly, vol. 9, 1922, p. 193
© artiste : public domain

Lille, Nord 1868 - Paris 1941

Armen Ohanian (Shamakha, Azerbaïdjan 1887 - Mexico 1976), danseuse, actrice, écrivain
Armen Ohanian (Shamakha, Azerbaïjan 1887 - Mexico City 1976), dancer, actor, writer

vers 1913-1914 ?
plâtre polychrome


Credit Line : Purchased by Brooklyn Museum, 1922

New York, New York, Brooklyn Museum


  • 1922, avril-mai-juin, acheté par le Brooklyn Museum


  • 1922 Brooklyn Museum Quarterly
    "Museum Notes", Brooklyn Museum Quarterly, April-May-June 1922, vol. 9, p. 160: "The following purchases have been made: (...) A plaster model, "Armene Chanian" [sic for Ohanian], by E. Bernard.", p. 194: "... a polychrome portrait head of Armène Charmian by E. Bernard, which recalls in the subtle enigma of its smile and the movement of the curling locks the smiling women's portraits of the sixteenth century followers of Da Vinci...", ill. p. 193


Identification du modèle par Laure de Margerie, 6 janvier 2017.

The dancer Armen Ohanian had a two year long affair (1913-1914) with Emile Bernard, who, besides this sculpted portrait, painted also a portrait of her (private collection).