French Sculpture Census

photo credit : The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore
artist © : public domain | public domain

after a model by
MERCIÉ, Antonin
Toulouse, Haute-Garonne 1845 - Paris 1916

SCALLIET, Emile-Philippe


ivory with gold, silver-gilt, baroque pearls and green jasper

H. 27 1/16

Acc. No. : 71.450
Credit Line : Acquired by Henry Walters, 1900

Baltimore, Maryland, The Walters Art Museum


  • Paris, Christofle & Cie. [date and mode of acquisition unknown]
  • 1900, Baltimore, Henry Walters, by purchase
  • 1931, Walters Art Museum, by bequest


  • Museum's website, May 22, 2013


  • 1900 Paris
    Exposition Universelle, Paris, 1900
  • 1983-1984 Baltimore
    Ivory: The Sumptuous Art, Baltimore, The Walters Art Gallery, 1983-1984


Museum's website, May 22, 2013:
The statuette of this goddess of the sea was designed by the sculptor Marius-Jean-Antonin Mercié to be cast in silver as the centerpiece for a table of the Duke of Santonia in 1878. Subsequently, Christofle et Cie., a silver company, had several ivory statuettes carved by E. P. Scalliet (1846-1911) based on Mercié's model. This example was exhibited at the Exposition Universelle held in Paris in 1900.
The figure is made from three pieces of carved ivory joined together. The two arms are separate sections, with the joins concealed by metal adornments at the mid-upper arms. A pearl is attached to the figure's chest, and two more can be found on the metal base. Four porpoises decorate each corner of the jasper base.