French Sculpture Census

photo credit : Rodin Museum, Philadelphia
artist © : public domain

RODIN, Auguste
Paris 1840 - Meudon, Hauts-de-Seine 1917

A la barre
At the Helm [Museum's Title: Scene from the French Revolution]

modeled c. 1879
wax on wood

8 x 15 x 1 1/2

Acc. No. : 1970-4-1
Credit Line : Purchased with Museum funds, 1970

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Rodin Museum/Philadelphia Museum of Art


  • gift of the artist to Dorothea Natalia Sophia Landau
  • by inheritance to her daughter, Mrs da Fano
  • by inheritance to her son Dr. da Fano
  • 1970, purchased by the Philadelphia Museum of Art


  • 1976 Tancock
    John L. Tancock, The Sculpture of Auguste Rodin: The Collection of the Rodin Museum, Philadelphia, David R. Godine, 1976, p. 235-237
  • 2007 Le Normand-Romain (français)
    Antoinette Le Normand-Romain, avec la collaboration d'Hélène Marraud et Diane Tytgat, introductions par Dr. Ruth Butler et Mr. Régis Cusinberche, Les Bronzes de Rodin. Catalogue des œuvres au Musée Rodin, 2 volumes, Paris, Musée Rodin / Editions de la Réunion des musées nationaux, 2007, œuvre absente de ce catalogue
  • 2007 Le Normand-Romain (English)
    Antoinette Le Normand-Romain, with the collaboration of Hélène Marraud and Diane Tytgat, introductions by Dr. Ruth Butler and Mr. Régis Cusinberche, The Bronzes of Rodin. Catalogue of works in the Musée Rodin, 2 volumes, English version, Paris, Musée Rodin / Editions de la Réunion des musées nationaux, 2007, work not in this catalogue


  • 1900 Paris
    Pavillon de l'Alma, no. 34 (with the related plaster in the Musée Rodin collection)
  • 1932-1952 London
    on loan to the Tate Gallery, London


Rodin Museum file, Summer 2012:
The existence of this small study for a relief sculpture that was never executed suggests that Rodin planned to enter a competition for a monument to the French Republic held in Paris in 1879. Although difficult to interpret, the scene likely represents the enrollment of volunteers in the Army of the French Revolution of 1792.