French Sculpture Census

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DANFRIE II, Philippe
c. 1572 - 1604

Henri IV, Roi de France (1553-1610) (face), Victoire tenant une palme et une couronne de laurier, sur un globe terrestre avec une rame, une massue et un caducée (revers)
Henri IV (1553-1610), King of France 1589 (obverse), Victory Holding Palm and Laurel, on Globe with Rudder, Club, and Cadeuceus (reverse)


diameter: 1 7/8; weight: 39 gr
around circumference: .HENRICVS.IIII.FRANCOR.ET NAVAR.REX..1594. (Henry IV, King of the French and of Navarre, 1594)
around circumference: .REGET.VIRTVTIBVS.ORBEM (He shall rule the world with his abilities)

Acc. No. : 1995.49.7.a, b
Credit Line : Gift of Mark Wilchusky in honor of Douglas Lewis and Sir John Pope-Hennessy

Washington, D.C., District of Columbia, The National Gallery of Art


  • Paris, Art market
  • 1995, Purchased by Mark Wilchusky, New York
  • 1995, Gift of Mark Wilchusky to the National Gallery of Art, Washington, in honor of Douglas Lewis and Sir John Pope-Hennessy


  • Museum's website, 8 August 2011
  • 2007 Pollard
    John Graham Pollard, Renaissance Medals. The Collections of the National Gallery of Art Systematic Catalogue, 2 vols, Washington, 2007, vol 2, n. 622, repr.

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