French Sculpture Census

photo credit : Philadelphia Museum of Art
artist © : public domain

MOITTE, Jean-Guillaume
Paris 1746 - Paris 1810

Fêtes à Palès
The Festival of Pales

c. 1783

9 3/16 x 46 3/16 x 1 1/4

Acc. No. : 1929-117-1
Credit Line : Purchased with funds contributed by Orville H. Bullitt, 1929

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Museum of Art


  • 1929, Purchased with funds contributed by Orville H. Bullitt


  • Museum's website, December 2014
  • 1992 Poulet and Scherf
    A.L. Poulet and Guilhem Scherf, Clodion 1738-1814, exhibition catalogue, 1992, p. 49, fig. 26


  • 1783 Paris
    Salon, Paris, 1783


Museum's website, 21 October 2011:
Pales was the ancient Roman goddess of flocks and shepherds. Moitte created this festival scene as a preparatory study for his large-scale relief that adorns the entrance of the Hôtel de Salm, Paris (now the Palace of the Legion of Honor). The terracotta displays the sculptor’s very lively touch as a modeler of clay, and was exhibited at the Salon of 1783 among his first submissions to the French Royal Academy.