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photo credit : ph Wikimedia, Albert Herring
artist © : public domain

HOUDON, Jean-Antoine
Versailles, Yvelines 1741 - Paris 1828

George Washington
George Washington


6' 2"
on the front of the base: George Washington
signed and dated on the base's right side: Houdon, Citoyen français [French Citizen], 1788

Richmond, Virginia, Virginia State Capitol


  • 1784, commission of the statue from Virginia's legislature (Virginia General Assembly)
  • 1785, Houdon's trip to Mount Vernon to study Washington by himself
  • (1788, date on the statue)
  • 1791 or 1792, statue completed
  • 1796, statue raised in Richmond's Capitol rotunda, the year Washington published his Farewell Address


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While Houdon stayed in Mount Vernon during two weeks in October 1785, he modeled a terracotta bust (still in Mount Vernon), made a life-mask (Pierpont Morgan Library, New York).