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The French Sculpture Census could not exist without the financial, academic, and technical support of its six partners. Each of them contributes in its own way (salary, development and hosting of the website, payment of artists rights, database maintenance, internships program, academic contribution). I am happy to express here my warmest gratitude for their support.

Director: Jeremy Strick
Director's Assistant: Amy Henry
Chief Curator: Jed Morse
Director of External Affairs: Jill Magnuson
Senior Manager of Emerging Technologies and Evaluation: Jacques Haba (with a very special gratitude)
Website Consultant: Stephen Ross
Marketing Manager: Andrea Devaldenebro
Curator of Education: Anna Smith
Registrar, Rights & Reproduction: Jennifer Ritchie (2009-2011), Melisa Durkee, and Jessica Ingle
Graphic Designer: Lindsey Crowley
IT Services: Joyce M. Craven
Accounting Manager: Mary Tomlinson
Staff Accountant: Jennifer Lyons
Communications Manager: Lucia Simek
Social Media and PR Coordinator: Cassandra Emswiler Burd

General Director: Antoinette Le Normand-Romain (until 2016), Eric de Chassey (2016- )
Director for Studies and Research: Philippe Sénéchal (2010-2014), Johanne Lamoureux (2014-2017)
Administrator of Research: Benjamine Weill
Head of Data Engineering, Department of Studies and Research: Antoine Courtin
Information Systems Specialist: Pierre-Yves Laborde
Head of Communication, Sponsorship, Publications: Anne Lamalle

President: Guy Cogeval (until 2017), Laurence des Cars (2017- )
Chief Curators for Sculpture: Catherine Chevillot (2009-2011), Edouard Papet
Head of the Archives: Isabelle Gaëtan (2009-2014), Nadège Horner (2014-2015), Lionel Britten (2015- ) and the whole team at the Archives
External Databases Consultant: Laurent Chastel
Head of IT Department: Sylvie Julé
Internet and Multi-media Specialist: Françoise Le Coz, with Fabrice Troupenat
IT Infrastructure Manager: François Giraudier
Head of Legal Affairs and Public Markets: Cécile Roux
Sculpture Archivists: Nadège Horner, Florence James
Photographer: Patrice Schmidt
Head of Communication: Amélie Hardivillier
Press contacts: Marie Dussaussoy, Coralie David

Director: Catherine Chevillot
Deputy Director: Sandrine Arrecgros (2012-2017), Xavier Teboul (2017- )
Head of Legal Affairs: Pauline Geroux
Head of Collections : Aline Magnien, François Blanchetière, Christine Lancestremère
Sculpture Curator: François Blanchetière (until 2017), Chloé Ariot (2017- )
Head of Research: Hélène Pinet
Head of Communication, Audience, and Fundraising: Paul Goguel Masson

Director: Philippe Durey (until 2017)
Deputy Director: Soizic Wattinne
Director of Studies: Claire Barbillon (2009-2011), Sophie Mouquin (2011-2016), Natasha Pernac (2016- )
Head of International Exchanges and Programs: Claire Merleau-Ponty (2009-2011), Stefania Tullio Cataldo (2011-2016), Delphine Cayrel (2016- )
International Exchanges and Programs: Solange de Bagneux, Mélanie Bled (2011), Maud Coader, Camille Horent
Head of Cultural Heritage and Archives Master Program:  Isabelle Loutrel
Internships: Hélène Charabani
Head of Communication and Sponsorship Department: Bertrand Meyrat
IT Department: Sébastien Aubry, Axel Mayo


granted me a three months fellowship in 2011. I wish to thank Dr. Antonia Boström, Senior Curator for Sculpture and Decorative Arts, for inviting me and making this fruitful stay possible, Anne-Lise Desmas, Associate Curator of Sculpture and Decorative Arts, for her daily help, before, during and after my stay, Ellen South and Elizabeth Buhe, and Jennifer Lieu.
At the Getty Research Institute, Thomas Gaehtgens, Director,  A. Alexa Sekyra, Head, Scholars Program, the always helpful staff of the Institute, Daniela Ferrari, Rachel Longaker, Sabine Schlosser, Rebecca Zamora, and the Interlibrary Loan Office, made this stay an invaluable step in my research.
I also thank Murtha Baca, Head, Digital Art History Access, Jane Bassett, Conservator, Rebecca Peabody, Manager of Research Projects and Programs, Brenda Podemski, Principal Project Specialist in Collection Information & Access.
I dedicated my fellowship to working with the wonderfully comprehensive files assembled in 1975/1976 by former curator Peter Fusco when he made a survey of nineteenth-century sculpture in American collections. This survey was the basis for the pioneering show The Romantics to Rodin: French Nineteenth Century Sculpture from North American Collections, 1980-1981, co-organized by Peter Fusco and Horst W. Janson, and which toured the country with four venues (Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Detroit, Indianapolis).

THE SAMUEL H. KRESS FOUNDATION, NEW YORK, has granted financial support for research-related travel and intern housing (2018-2019). Traveling within the US and to France to conduct research will thus be facilitated. Having direct access to object files in American museums and to artists files at the Archives in the Musée du Louvre and Musée d’Orsay, Paris, will give in depth information. And the housing funding is highly appreciated by the 2018 intern from the Ecole du Louvre and the 2019 interns from Paris 1-Sorbonne and Ecole du Louvre. We are all very grateful for this generous help.

THE RICHARD LOUNSBERY FOUNDATION, WASHINGTON, D.C., has granted generous financial support for a reshaping of the website and for the director's salary (2019-2020). Thanks to these funds we wish to make the research tool on the website more efficient and to offer a layout which would entice interaction, especially with a non-specialized audience. I conceived the French Sculpture Census as a tool for sharing knowledge and as a place where one could learn to love French sculpture. I am very grateful to the Richard Lounsbery Foundation for giving me the means to reach these goals.

FRENCH HERITAGE SOCIETY, PARIS, generously supports two or three students from the cultural heritage and archives master's program at the Ecole du Louvre. The students come to the US and conduct research related to the French Sculpture Census. Their stay is also an opportunity to discover American culture and the American way of life. It is often a transformative experience. I am happy to thank Diane de Roquette-Buisson and Amy Fienga, Co-Chairmen of FHS Student Exchange Program, for their continuous commitment to this program, as well as Caroline Giboulet, Senior Development Officer (until 2016) and Samantha Kohli-Brisolier, Student Exchange Program Administrator.

THE SOCIETY OF THE FRIENDS OF THE MUSÉE RODIN (SOCIÉTÉ DES AMIS DU MUSÉE RODIN), PARIS, has granted a fellowship to a student with the following mission:
Study Rodin’s works in the French Sculpture Census:
 - uniformize titles according to the reference publications from the Musée Rodin, Paris;
 - include in the Bibliography of each bronze the reference to the English and French versions of The Bronzes of Rodin (Antoinette Le Normand-Romain, Paris, RMN/Musée Rodin, 2007);
 - add information found in the archives at the Musée Rodin.
This work on Rodin’s pieces, representing 10% of the total number of French sculptures in American public collections, will provide a far better understanding of them. It will also be an opportunity for American museums and the Musée Rodin, Paris, to exchange information.
I am happy to thank here M. Edwart Vignot, President of the Société des Amis du Musée Rodin, for its generous contribution, and Mme Antoinette Le Normand-Romain, who accepted to supervise this mission.

I am happy to warmly thank those individuals who have financially supported the French Sculpture Census:
 - Ernst Family (Dallas)
 - anonymous donors (New York City)


Everywhere my research takes me, I receive the kindest and most generous welcome from institutions and individuals. It is my great pleasure to acknowledge them here.

AAMC (Association of Art Museum Curators), New York: Sally Block
AHNCA (Association of Historians of Nineteenth-Century Art): Petra Chu, Caterina Pierre, Karen Pope
ARS (Artists Rights Society), New York: Adrienne Fields, and Andrea Fisher-Scherer, Lauren Graves, Lexi Kadlec
ART RESOURCE, New York: Ryan Jensen, Alison Strum
ASSOCIATION STRUCTURES SONORES BASCHET, Saint-Michel-sur-Orge: Bernard Baschet, François Baschet, Marti Ruiz (Barcelone), Francesco Russo, Brigitte Touillier
CLARITY, Austin:
Andrew Hawes, Chris Reddick
Hunter O'Hanian
É RODIN, Paris: Jérôme Le Blay
e-MONUMEN, Saint-Dizier:
Dominique Perchet, Elisabeth Robert-Dehault
Craig Ashley Hanson
Michèle Kieffer, Emilie Le Mappian
: Carol Hall
INTEGER, Dallas: Michelle Cheney, George Fkiaras, Kristen Johnston, Dharnish Ranganathappa, Cody Wagner, Matt Yavuzcan
JOCONDE, Portail des collections des musées de France, Paris: Laurent Manoeuvre, Carine Prunet
LIPCHITZ ESTATE, New York: Hanno D. Mott
MARCEL JEAN ESTATE, Paris: Dominique Jean
MARLBOROUGH GALLERY, New York: Meghan Boyle, Brittany, Piccuirro, Laura Stewart
MERCI TRAIN: Lou Bernard, Ludivine Broch, Alice Duckworth, Pamela Ehrlich, Roxanne Godsey, Dominique/Herald Dick, Alexis Muller, Jean-Marie Nicot, Christie Peterson, John Stevens, Pam Todd, Christian Vinaa
MUSÉE BOURDELLE, Paris: Annie Barbera, Colin Lemoine, Amélie Simier
MUSÉE DU LOUVRE, Paris: Geneviève Bresc-Bautier, Marie-Claire Le Bourdelles, Sophie Jugie, Isabelle Le Roy-Jay Lemaistre, Marie-Alice Loiseau, Guilhem Scherf, Béatrice Tupinier
MUSÉE NATIONAL D'ART MODERNE, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris: Mai-Lise Benedic, Claudine Guillon, Brigitte Léal, Camille Morando
ROBERT LAURENT ESTATE, Stamford, CT: Paul Laurent
SOTHEBY’S, Paris: Ulrike Goetz, Gaëlle Monin, Nathalie Petit, Stéphanie Veyron
Annamarie Sandecki, Cristina Vignone
TOKY, St. Louis:
Melissa Allen, Luke Hurd, Cristy Miller, Deana Myers
VAGA, New York: Mollie Bernstein, Emily Greer, Kimberly Tishler Rosen (2012-2013), Alison Smith
VIDEOMUSEUM, Paris: Maria-Sofia de Fouchier


The images on the website have been very generously provided without charge by the owning institutions. I am happy to express my deepest gratitude for their support of the French Sculpture Census.

ANN ARBOR, MI, University of Michigan Museum of Art: Elizabeth Bahls, Jane DeChants, Carole McNamara, Orian Neumann
ANNAPOLIS, MD, Maryland Commission on Artistic Property, Maryland State Archives: Christopher J. Kintzel, Sasha Lourie
ASHEVILLE, SC, Biltmore Estate: Lori M. Garst, Lauren Henry, Darren Poupore
ATHENS, GA, Georgia Museum of Art, University of Georgia: Sarina Rousso
ATLANTA, GA, High Museum of Art: David Brenneman, Claudia Einecke, Laurie Kind, Elizabeth Riccardi
BALTIMORE, MD, Baltimore Museum of Art: Anna Fitzgerald, Claire O'Brien, Kristen Rickard, Katy Rothkopf, Oliver Shell
BALTIMORE, MD, Walters Art Museum: Kate Blanch, Ruth Bowler, Jo Briggs, Meghan Gross, Rob Mintz
BERKELEY, CA, University of California, Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive: Genevieve Cottraux, Lynne Kimura
BEVERLY HILLS, CA, Beverly Hills Community Development: William R. Crouch, Lois Foraker, Cindy Gordon
BIRMINGHAM, AL, Birmingham Museum of Art: Robert Schindler
BLOOMINGTON, IN, Eskenazi Museum of Art, Indiana University, and Campus Art: Linda Baden, Anita Bracalente, David Brenneman, Katie Chattin, Bradley D. Cook, Adelheid M. Gealt, Heather Hales, Jenny McComas, Kevin Montague, Sherry Rouse, Eliza Sparacino
BOISE, ID, Albertsons Library, Boise State University: Elaine Watson
BOSTON, MA, Athenaeum: Patricia Boulos, David Dearinger
BOSTON, MA, McMullen Museum of Art, Boston College: Diana Larsen
BOSTON, MA, Museum of Fine Arts: Marietta Cambareri, Jennifer Riley, George Shackelford (2009)
BRISTOL, RI, Linden Place: Susan Battle, Katherine Dumore
BRUNSWICK, ME, Bowdoin College Museum of Art: Ann Goodyear, Michelle Henning, Joachim Homann, Ellen Tani
BUFFALO, NY, Albright-Knox Art Gallery: Kelly Carpenter, Laura Fleischmann, Gabriela Zoller
BUFFALO, NY, Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society: Walter Mayer
BURLINGTON, VT, The Fleming Museum of Art, University of Vermont: Nicola Astles
CAMBRIDGE, MA, Harvard Art Museums: Isabella Donadio, Tony Sigel, Myriam Stewart
CANTON, OH, Canton Museum of Art: Lynnda Arrasmith
CHAMPAIGN, IL, Krannert Art Museum and Kinkead Pavilion, The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: Robert LaFrance, Christine Saniat, Kimberly Sissons, Maureen Warren
CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA, Monticello: Madeleine Rhondeau
CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA, The Fralin Museum of Art at the University of Virginia: William Auten, Jean Lancaster, Rachael Dealy Salisbury
CHICAGO, IL, David and Alfred Smart Museum of Art, The University of Chicago: Anne Leonard, Amy Ruehl
CHICAGO, IL, The Art Institute of Chicago: Stephanie d'Alessandro, Emerson Bowyer, Gloria Groom, Drew Erin Becker Lash, Jackie Maman, Devon Lee Pyle-Vowles
CHICAGO, IL, The Arts Club of Chicago: Daly Arnett
CINCINNATI, OH, Cincinnati Art Museum: Esther Bell, Anne Buening, Rob Deslongchamps, Jay Pattison
CLEVELAND, OH, Cleveland Museum of Art: June De Phillips, Griffith Mann, William Robinson, Elizabeth Saluk, Jon Seydl
CLEVELAND, OH, Western Reserve Historical Society: Danielle Peck
COLUMBUS, OH, Ohio Historical Society: Emily Lang
CONCORD, NH, New Hampshire Historical Society: Douglas Copeley
COOPERSTOWN, NY, Fenimore Art Museum: Ann Cannon, Paul D'Ambrosio
CORNISH, NH, Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site: Henry Duffy, James (Rick) Kendall
DALLAS, TX, Dallas Museum of Art: Giselle Castro-Brightenburg, Sarah Evans, Holly Harrison, Mark Leonard, Heather McDonald, Martha McLeod, Olivier Meslay, Meg Smith, Rob Stein, Jenny Stone, Jeff Zilm
DALLAS, TX, Meadows Museum, Southern Methodist University: Nicole Atzbach, Alexandra Filippelli, Mark Roglan
DALLAS, TX, Nasher Sculpture Center: Melisa Durkee, Jessica Ingle, Jed Morse
DENVER, CO, Denver Art Museum: Kristin Bonk, Angelica Daneo, Christina Jackson, Jennifer Pray, Timothy Standring
DES MOINES, IA, Iowa State Education Association: Tamara Kuhn
DES MOINES, IA, Salisbury House: Leo Landis, J. Eric Smith, Megan Stout Sibbel
DETROIT, MI, Detroit Institute of Art: Timothy Burns, Alan Darr, Christina Gibbs, Rebecca Hart, Robert Hensleigh, Megan Reddicks
DULUTH, MN, Tweed Museum of Art: Camille Doran
EASTON, PA, Lafayette College: Michiko Okaya, Ellen Sapienza
ELMIRA, NY, Arnot Art Museum: Laura Wetmore
EUGENE, OR, Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, University of Oregon: Jonathan Smith
EVANSVILLE, IN, Evansville Museum: Mary Bower, Liz Fuhrman Bragg
FARMINGTON, CT, Hill-Stead Museum: Melanie Bourbeau
FLUSHING, NY, Godwin-Ternbach Museum: Allyson Mellone
FORT WAYNE, IN, Fort Wayne Museum of Art: Leaf Reeder
FORT WORTH, TX, Amon Carter Museum of American Art: Jana Hill, Sylvie Pénichon
FORT WORTH, TX, Kimbell Art Museum: CD Dickerson, Nancy Edwards, George Shackelford, Patty Tainter, Malcolm Warner
GLENS FALLS, NY, The Hyde Collection: Barbara Bertucio, Jonathan Canning
GOLDENDALE, WA, Maryhill Museum of Art: Anna Goodwin, Steve Grafe
GRAND RAPIDS, MI, Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park: Carrie Westra
GREENSBORO, NC, Weatherspoon Art Museum, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro: Elaine D. Gustafson, Heather Moore
HAGERSTOWN, MD, Washington County Museum of Fine Arts: Daniel Fulco
HARTFORD, CN, Wadsworth Atheneum: Thomas P. Bruhn, Allen Phillips, Vanessa Sigalas, Stacey Stachow, Olivier Tostmann, Eric Zafran
HONOLULU, HI, Honolulu Museum of Art: Amber Ludwig (2013), Danee McFarr, Theresa Papanikolas, Pauline Sugino
HOUSTON, TX, Museum of Fine Arts: Edgar Peters Bowron, Marcia Stein, Anna Tahinci
HOUSTON, TX, The Menil Collection: David Aylsworth, Robert Hernandez
ISSOUDUN, Indre, Musée de l'Hospice Saint-Roch: Anne Grésy-Aveline
JACKSON HOLE, WY, National Museum of Wildlife Art: Adam Duncan Harris
JACKSONVILLE, IL: Visitor’s Bureau
KANSAS CITY, MO, Nelson Atkins Museum: Sarah Biggerstaff, Antonia Boström, MacKenzie Mallon, Nicole Myers, Jaime Rovenstine, Jan Schall, Stacey Sherman
LOS ANGELES, J. Paul Getty Museum: Antonia Boström, Jackie Burns, Anne-Lise Desmas
LOS ANGELES, CA, Los Angeles County Museum of Art: Claudia Einecke, Leah Lehmbeck, Patrice Marandel
LOUISVILLE, KY, Speed Art Museum: Scott Erbes, Ghislain d'Humières, Bradley Speaks, Kim Spence
MADISON, NJ, Hartley Dodge Memorial Building: Mallory Mortillaro
MADISON, WI, Chazen Museum of Art: Maria Saffiotti Dale, Andrea Selbig, Ann Sinfield
MANCHESTER, NH, Currier Museum of Art: Cindy Mackey
MEMPHIS, TN, Brooks Museum of Art: Marylin Masler, Marina Pacini
MIDDLEBURY, VT, Middlebury College Museum of Art: Jason A. Vrooman, Margaret W. Wallace
MILWAUKEE, WI, Haggerty Museum of Art, Marquette University: Annemarie Sawkins
MILWAUKEE, WI, Milwaukee Art Museum: Catherine Sawinski
MINNEAPOLIS, MN, Minneapolis Institute of Arts: Dawn Fahlstrom, Eike Schmidt
MONTREAL, QC, Canada, Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal / Montreal Museum of Fine Arts: Sylvain Cordier, Marie-Claude Saia
NASHVILLE, TN, Vanderbilt University Fine Arts Gallery: Margaret Walker
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NEW HAVEN, CT, Yale University Art Gallery: Amy Canonico, Kathleen Mylen-Coulombe
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NEW YORK, NY, The Morgan Library & Museum: Kaitlyn Krieg, Blair Leake, Jennifer Tonkovich
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NOTRE DAME, IN, Snite Museum of Art, University of Notre Dame: Cheryl K. Snay
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OBERLIN, OH, Oberlin College Archives and Library: Ken Grossi
OBERLIN, OH, Oberlin College Library: Alan Boyd
OCALA, FL, Appleton Museum of Art, College of Central Florida: Ruth Grim, Dolores Kenny, Cindi Morrison, David Reutter
OTTAWA, Canada, House of Commons/Chambre des communes: Barbara Amona, Danielle Migeon, Brandon Potter
PALM SPRINGS, CA, Palm Springs Art Museum: Mara Gladstone, Steve Nash
PASADENA, CA, Norton Simon Museum: Sara Campbell, Jacqui Chambers, Gracie Charters, Leah Lembeck, Jeffrey Taylor, Carol Togneri, Gloria Williams
PHILADELPHIA, PA, American Philosophical Society Museum: Hannah Sisk
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RALEIGH, NC, North Carolina Museum of Art: Michael Klauke
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ROCHESTER, NY, George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film: Sarah Evans, Barbara Puorro Galasso, Joe Struble
ROCHESTER, NY, The Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester: Nancy Norwood, Kerry Schauber
SACRAMENTO, CA, California State Parks: Ellen Halteman
SAINT LOUIS, MO, Cathedral Basilica: Ann W. Richardson
SAINT LOUIS, MO, Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum, Washington University in St. Louis: Kristin Good
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SAN DIEGO, CA, Timken Museum of Art: James Petersen
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SAN MARINO, CA, Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens: Catherine Hess, Sydney Levine, Melinda McCurdy, Deborah Miller, Thea Page
SAN SIMEON, CA, Hearst Castle: Hoyt Fields, Minor Chavez
SANTA BARBARA, CA, Santa Barbara Museum of Art: Hanna Barton, Eik Kahng, Michelle West
SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY, Tang Teaching Museum at Skidmore College: Molly Channon
SEATTLE, WA, Henry Art Gallery, University of Washington in Seattle: Judy Sourakli
SEATTLE, WA, Seattle Art Museum: Matt Empson
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WOODSTOCK, VT, Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic Park: Ryan Polk
WORCESTER, MA, Worcester Museum of Art: Jon Seydl
YONKERS, NY, The Hudson River Museum: Laura Vookles


my husband Olivier Meslay
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