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Studies of sculpture from the 19th Century to the present day

Sculptures is an annual journal devoted to history of art research in the field of sculpture in the modern age.

Sculptures, annual journal

Focusing on the study of a temporality linked to the birth of modernity, it will launch a discussion on broad themes. Intentionally diachronic, the aim behind the journal is to demonstrate the existence of creations and transformations, lasting and recycled intellect, theories and practices within a discipline which is too often segregated, both among modern and contemporary academics, and too often viewed as inward-looking.  However, many painters, architects, designers and performers were and are also sculptors; sculpture and other forms of artistic expression share many purposes, such as being the mirror that reflects a contemporary world, existing in an experienced and living space and revealing a perhaps universal sensibility.

Sculptures does not intend to establish criteria for the meanings of modernity. It will be able to look at the assumed margins of its discipline. The ambition is not so much to give a definition of modern and contemporary sculpture but to study the response from sculpture and artists to issues raised by time, contemporaneity, sensibility and technical aspects. The journal will compare viewpoints on historical, epistemological, sociological, philosophical, technical and iconographical issues. It will include a section entitled Varia, which will make it possible to welcome work from young researchers and event or book reviews.

The journal has a scientific committee made up of figures from the art world (academics and museum curators) and an editorial director.  Every year a member of the scientific committee prepares the summary of the thematic part, in cooperation with the editorial director.

Scientific committee
Sylvain Amic, Director of the Rouen Museum of Fine Arts
Claire Barbillon, Lecturer and Research Supervisor, History of Art, University Paris-Ouest-Nanterre-La Défense
Catherine Chevillot, Director of the Rodin Museum
Nicolas Coutant, Director of the Museum of Elbeuf
Stéphanie Deschamps-Tan, Conservator in charge of sculptures from the 19th Century, Louvre Museum
Thierry Dufrêne, Professor of History of Contemporary Art, University Paris-Ouest-Nanterre-La Défense
Bruno Gaudichon, Director of the Roubaix Museum of Art and Industry
Fabrice Hergott, Director of the Paris City Museum of Modern Art
Dominique Jarrassé, Professor of History of Art, University Bordeaux III – École du Louvre
Antoinette Le Normand Romain, Director of the National Institute of the History of Art
Brigitte Léal, Assistant Director of the National Museum of Modern Art, Pompidou Centre
David Liot, Director of the Reims Museum of Fine Arts
Paul-Louis Rinuy, Professor of History of Art, University Paris VIII
Amélie Simier, Director of the Bourdelle Museum

Editorial Director
Claire Maingon, Lecturer, History of Art, University of Rouen

Sculptures, annual journal, no.1, 2014 Sculptures, annual journal, subscription
The first theme for 2014 is Sculpture and performance. Although performance is an artistic form that is linked to contemporary art, it is more generally evoked in the remarkable skill which drives the creation of a work of art, in terms of the way the material is used to its full potential. It was described as a showpiece in the past.  This dematerialised yet very concrete notion runs through statuary art to meet contemporary art.
Coordination of the thematic section of the first issue: Fabrice Hergott and Claire Maingon

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